(02/24/2017) – Texas Atheist Candidates Meet & Greet

Atheist Candidates Project
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The Atheist Candidates Project Presents “Texas Atheist Candidates Meet & Greet”


Irving, TX – Atheist Candidates Project presents “Texas Atheist Candidates Meet & Greet” on February 24th, 2017; featuring Aron Ra, Texas State Senate Candidate (SD 11)

Our project is designed to crowdsource political engagement among atheists to support their aspirations for public office and develop equitable representation for nonbeliever. We are bringing together volunteers, professionals, former candidates, and candidates for 2018 in Dallas, TX to provide participants and opportunity meet atheist and secular candidates in Texas.

The share of the population of the United States with no religious identity accounts for 1-in-5 Americans, a number that is projected to increase dramatically in the next ten years
(Gallup, 2015). Despite this major shift in demographics, religiously unaffiliated Americans have only one representative in Congress, making the religious ‘nones’ one of the most severely underrepresented minorities in the country. This disparity is a stark departure from our shared American values that demand equality under the law and democracy that is truly representative of the people.

Spring Creek Barbeque
3514 W Airport Fwy
Irving, TX 75062

Interview Opportunities:
Aron Ra, Texas State Senate Candidate (District 2)
214-514-8458, aronratexsen@mail.com

Dani Pellett, US House of Representatives Candidate (District 32)
214-298-9525, dani@daniforcongress.com

Roy Stanley, US House of Representatives Candidate (District 5)
817-757-5607, roycarlstanley@gmail.com

Andre Salais, Director of the Atheist Candidates Project
480-269-4416, andre@methodsk.com