One-Time Contribution

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How your contribution helps:

$5 – Postage
$10 – Hosting for 1 campaign website
$20 – Facebook Ad
$40 – Meal for volunteers
$80 – Phone service
$100 – An hour with a photographer
$180 – Airfare for one person
$200 – Office space for 1 month
$400 – 16 campaign signs
$700 – Graphics and branding design
$1,000 – Part-time field organizer
$2,000 – Full-time field organizer
$5,000 – Full-time strategist & Part-time analyst

Donations to Atheist Candidate Project are NOT tax deductible. Atheist Candidate Project is a project of Method Social Kinetics LLC. Donations to the Atheist Candidate Project are non-refundable and will be managed by Method Social Kinetics LLC to advance the mission and goals of the Atheist Candidate Project. 

Method Social Kinetics LLC makes no representations or guarantees pertaining to specific use of funds related to the Atheist Candidate Project. Use of funds to benefit candidates for public office will occur in compliance with all relevant state statute and federal law. Method Social Kinetics LLC WILL NOT accept any gifts, monetary or otherwise, in exchange for special access to candidates, lobbying, or any specific policy advocacy.