About the Project



Our mission is to eliminate barriers to entry that atheists often face when seeking public office. This mission can be broken down into three components: identifying winnable target districts, building support networks around candidates, and advocating for the normalization of atheist participation in American government.



To achieve our mission, we are crowd sourcing political engagement from atheists. We are building a database of volunteers and professionals looking to work for atheist candidates, as well as elected officials and former candidates who are willing to provide mentorship and guidance. As the election season approaches, we will begin developing data driven strategies for wining target districts.



1/5 Americans are religiously unaffiliated, making us one of the largest minority groups in the country, as well as one that is deeply underrepresented. One representative in Congress who openly shares our identity, or less than one-tenths of one-percent. If the law is to apply to all of us, we should share in the reasonability of creating it.


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